Jarvis 101 : Begin your journey

Thank you for choosing Jarvis Alerts as your Unusual Options Activity tracker. If you are familiar with other platforms that track unusual options activity, you would quickly notice that we are a bit different.
Jarvis Algo works hard to sift through thousands upon thousands of options trades in the market, and only presents you the actionable, highly notice-worthy UNUSUAL option trades from the big boys of the wall street.
We believe in less is more, Jarvis algo will save your time because it does most of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. It will ONLY present conviction Bought alerts on the platform, HOWEVER, the algo considers all the At Bid, At Ask, Below Bid, Below Ask, Above Bid and Above Ask option trades. Jarvis Algo uses proprietary blend of data and indicators.

Let’s get you started !


Login with your user name and password.

You can retrieve the password by using Forgot password link. A password reset link will be delivered to your registered email address.


You have 3 sections here

Market Index and Futures data


USA Economic Calendar : Scroll to change dates and see upcoming important events like CPI, PPI, Job number data release, FOMC minutes etc.


This is the most advanced unusual option data visualizer out there.

Total(Day) Premium is calculated as sum of all the premiums from flows which have Same Strike, Expiration date and type (Call or Put).
Sometimes big boys like to split their orders in many batches of small trades, the Total Premium shows you total $$ accumulation for that contract in a day.

Icons : Visual cue.
Icon for Calls is rocket emoji 🚀
Icon for Puts is fire emoji 🔥
Calls is Green and Calls is rocket 🚀
Puts is Red and Puts is fire 🔥
These are just to catch your eyes and to make sure you dont accidently read a Call flow as Put or Put flow as Call.
Visual cue. once your eyes are trained in 10 seconds to interpret them, you wont make a mistake

Algo Score : Algo scores are calculated by Jarvis based on its proprietary algorithm which takes in account most importantly the BUY side and SELL side accumulation of $$ on the flow contract , dark pool activity, analyst recommendations, technical indicators and a few more proprietary indicators which are the trade secret.
The score can be 1 of 5 as shown below
Low: Not Reported
Normal : No Icon
High : 1 Icon
Higher : 2 Icons
Highest : 3 Icons
Visual cue. once your eyes are trained in 10 seconds to interpret them, you wont make a mistake

Bubble Chart

Total Premiums in flows reported today Green for Call Red for Puts. Notice from the earlier description, these are conviction BOUGHT flows not SOLD premiums. Jarvis Algo takes in account the sold premiums and adjusts the Score accordingly.
Click on the Bubbles to Filter by Ticker


By ticker : type ticker here

See ONLY Repeat Flow: Click this filter to see only the unusual options which are repeating today. Meaning? Same Strike price, Same Expiration Date, Same type (Call or Put)

DeDup : Deduplidate flows
SNAP : 3 flows reported for 22C Expiration 21st June at 9:44AM , 10:31AM and then at 3:58PM
this takes 3 rows on screen.
notice the Total(Day)
at 9:44AM Total(Day) was $90,850 = $90,850 (Premium)
at 10:31AM Total(Day) was $206,762.5 = $90,850 + $115,912.5 (Premium)
at 3:58PM Total(Day) was $260,662.5 = $206,762.5 + $53,900 (Premium)

Here the Total(Days) gives you the Running total of the Premium
Now Notice the DeDup filter ON
Number or ROWS dropped to 1, shows the only latest flow at 3:58PM, the Total(Day) : $260,662.5 and Premium is $53,900
this gives you SAME Information in less number of rows on screen. Saving you a mental exercise of sifting through pages upon pages of flows

More filters:

Volume > OI : Flows where volume exceeded the OI
Show All, Stocks or Etfs
Show All, Calls or Puts,
Select Expiration Date
Use Algo slider to Select Minimum score of Normal, High, Higher or Highest
More Filters:

Total Premium Range
Expiration Range
Transaction Date Range

That’s about it.
Please feel to reach out to TonyStonk on on discord : https://discord.gg/TSFSVfy8Uj for any further questions. On #members-notifications or #jarvis-related channels

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