Late Day Massive Call Buying on PTON

On Friday 4th Feb-2022, late in the day after 3:50 PM EST we saw massive size of calls come piling into PTON ..

What’s unusual about them you ask ?

They were for the expiration of next week 11-Feb-2022

Almost 10 times more Calls as Puts

375K Calls vs 38.9K Puts

As soon as market closed, rumor breakout about $AMZN potentially bidding for $PTON

Someone always knows in the market before retails knows.

Jarvis’s algo tracked this trade and reported.

Please keep your eyes our for such late day big trades for unusually close expirations dates.

What happened Monday ?

$PTON went up as high as 34 pre market, as another rumor just hit the market that $NKE might also bid for $PTON

The Closed up 20% on Monday

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